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25 November 2021

7 Steps to Reducing Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Customers, suppliers and stakeholders not only expect the businesses they deal with to have sustainability on their agenda, they want to see a well- developed strategy. Our sustainability experts have put together a quick guide on reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Understand what sustainability management is

A key point that is often missed with sustainability is that it isn’t all about considering the environment, it’s doing that in conjunction with development of your community and in particular your business. Reducing carbon emissions will help limit the impact and extent of climate change. It will also help your business save money, reduce risks and enhance its reputation.

2. Be prepared to take meaningful action

Becoming a socially and environmentally conscientious organisation is an exciting journey, although it is not always easy. We have developed a sustainability consultancy service to support organisations on their journey and make sure their actions are really making a difference – to the planet and their bottom line.

3. Create an environmental forum

Bring together a group of people to start discussing what your organisation can do right away. Select volunteer employees that represent a cross-section of your organisation and challenge them to think of things that can be done immediately. We have helped to set up and manage successful environmental forums for organisations of all kinds, from small charities to large multi-site manufacturers.

4. Start your strategic journey

As well as helping with staff engagement we can help with wider strategic development:

  • Lead strategy workshops or development meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Inform and shape the sustainability strategy with your board.
  • Provide a sustainability framework, process and governance – the full life-cycle.

5. Assess your impact

This process begins with our Snapshot Survey and will include calculating your carbon footprint. It is an important exercise that will help you understand your current environmental impact and measure your progress.

Our Snapshot Survey covers 6 areas to give working businesses focus with a large emphasis on delivering both economic and environmental benefits.

These more recognisable and business-focussed areas are:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Emissions
  • Ecology

Our high-level sustainability Snapshot Survey will assess the current position of your site(s) and where the opportunities lie for both quick and longer-term wins.

In each of the 6 key areas, our comprehensive on site survey covers:

  • Infrastructure and operational processes
  • Economic and environmental impacts
  • Data on the current position
  • Suggestions for improvements
  • Budget cost vs. benefit analysis for any investment opportunities identified

6. Take Action

For example, carry out cost benefit analysis on potential improvement projects.

Here’s just 2 well established technologies Core can help your business to assess to reduce your footprint whilst you develop your business.

i) Voltage Optimisation to reduce your energy consumption

Voltage Optimisation technology has the potential to deliver significant savings to businesses by managing the voltage of incoming power to be lower than supplied. The reduction in voltage translates directly into lower energy consumption and cost savings.

The payback time for Voltage Optimisation is usually very short and can be less than 2 years in some cases, making it a sound investment for businesses looking to improve efficiency and help reduce their carbon footprint without making a significant long term capital commitment.

Core will take the guess work out of the cost vs benefit assessment. The full cost of the technology investments, the cost and carbon footprint benefits and the duration of the return on investments will be calculated and reported in detail.

100% of our feasibility and reporting costs are credited back for each site where a voltage optimisation or solar investment project is ordered and delivered through Core.

ii) Solar PV to reduce your energy costs

Commercial premises can gain a Return on Investment from Solar PV through a combination of a reduction in energy bills, the Smart Export Guarantee and battery storage.

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Enjoy an impressive ROI, on average between 22% and 30% p.a.
  • Improve your sustainability – Solar helps lower your carbon emissions and reach your business’s sustainability goals or environmental accreditations (such as PAS 2060 or ISO14001)
  • Product guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years with a 25-year performance warranty.

7. Choose Core as your sustainability partner

We have the project management skills and experience to deliver in both commercial and operational environments. Within just our own team we have over 9 years’ experience in leading energy and environmental sustainability projects.

However you start your journey, the important thing is to do something.

For support with Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting and Net Zero planning call Justin Holley at Core Facility Services on 01422 880 180 or email justin.holley@corefacility.co.uk