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Energy Management for Hospice

Our philosophy is always to provide as much information as possible to our clients so that they can make an informed decision about suppliers and contracts.

As Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice celebrates its 10th anniversary, Core is proud to have supported the charity from the start, both as a corporate fundraising partner and as manager of its energy, waste and IT.

We have reaped the financial benefits of Core’s significant knowledge of the energy industry and have found them to be open, straightforward and helpful throughout.

Nicola O’Dowd, Finance and Corporate Services Director, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice

How we help

An important part of our job involves taking time to explain everything as clearly and simply as possible and advise on the latest market intelligence on how energy costs are predicted to rise or fall in the coming months or years.

Making sure more money is available for care

In addition, we handle all negotiations with energy suppliers, deal with queries and validate all invoices to check for errors. Issues like these can be time consuming to deal with and failure to act swiftly can be costly so it is an important part of our service to all clients, particularly in this case when time and resources can otherwise be spent on delivering care.

What the Customer Says

Nicola O’Dowd from Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice says: “The information we get from Core is extremely comprehensive and clearly presented using graphs and energy comparisons so that we can immediately identify the benefits of each option.

“They will tell us exactly why they recommend a particular supplier and are totally transparent about every aspect of their service which makes for an excellent working relationship.

“Very little of our funding comes from the Government and the vast majority is from fundraising so it is extremely important that we keep our overheads as low as possible because every penny really does count.”