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Waste Management for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice

Core is proud to support Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice both as a corporate fundraising partner and as manager of its energy, waste and IT.

Core are enthusiastic supporters of Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice as well as business partners. They understand our ethos and care about our objectives which means the work they carry out for us goes far beyond just doing a good job.

Luen Thompson, Chief Executive of Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice


Core started working with Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in early 2012 and now manages all the charity’s waste requirements including general waste, mixed recycling, confidential documents and clinical and sharps disposal. Core also provides washroom services for the hospice and its 11 shops and a portable ozone machine for the hospice.

How we help

The charity’s needs are constantly changing as it grows but one thing that never alters is the fact that care and dignity for the children and families it supports must be paramount. Waste operations have to be smooth, discrete and reliable to ensure that Forget Me Not can focus on its core business of delivering care and raising funds to provide it.

Waste Management

As a broker we work with over 30 waste suppliers, each offering different benefits, which means there’s a lot of potential to shop around for the best prices.

We can co-ordinate multiple sub-contractors to manage varied waste and recycling services on Forget Me Not’s behalf and our purchase volume gives us buying power with selected sub-contractors to secure lower purchase rates for the charity, enabling them to direct more of their funds to front line care.

What the customer says

All our waste and recycling services are under one roof with Core, relieving us of the administrative burden and providing reassurance that we are always being offered the best deal.

Core have always been approachable and easy to work with but above all we know that they understand our priorities and work hard to secure the best prices on our behalf.

There have been times when suppliers have raised their costs and Core has immediately gone out to negotiate a lower price or switched to a different supplier to protect our budgets because they know a price change would have a real impact on our work with children and their families.

Nicola O’Dowd, Finance and Corporate Services Director, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice