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14 December 2021

How quickly does Voltage Optimisation pay for itself?

Voltage optimisation technology can save your business money by reducing energy consumption, but is it worth the investment and how long will it take to pay for itself?

One of the ways to take action to reduce your business’s carbon footprint is to carry out a cost benefit analysis on potential improvement projects, such as Voltage Optimisation. Our sustainability experts can provide this service for you and help you assess other ways to manage your costs and environmental impact, such as green energy contracts and solar PV.

What is Voltage Optimisation and how does it work?

Voltage Optimisation manages the voltage of incoming power to your site. Voltage is supplied at an average of 242v in the UK. Electrical equipment is designed to operate efficiently at 220v therefore, if voltage is being over supplied energy is being wasted and the electrical equipment connected to your supply is using more than it needs. This means higher bills and shorter equipment life, increasing capital expenditure costs.

The over-supply is easy to solve by fitting a Voltage Optimisation unit between your incoming supply and the distribution system that provides power across your site.

What is the return on investment for Voltage Optimisation?

The payback time is short compared to many energy saving technologies. In some cases it ca be less than 2 years which means it is a simple and effective way to reduce costs quickly and help to lower your carbon footprint.

We offer a tailored cost vs benefit assessment for your site which will report on the cost of installation, the carbon footprint benefits and the length of time before your investment is paid back in full by the savings generated.

The entire cost of our feasibility and reporting work is credited back to you when we order and deliver Voltage Optimisation to your site.

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