Chadwick Lawrence Supports Core Expansion

Yorkshire law firm Chadwick Lawrence has been working us for many years and was recently instrumental in positioning our business for future expansion and success.

Leanne Franks advised on the merger of Core with FM Energy in September after providing strategic consultancy earlier in the year ahead of a major rebrand.

Leanne said: “Core is a longstanding client of Chadwick Lawrence and I really like the way the business operates, putting its people and its values right at the forefront of its development.

“The senior management team are always very keen to do things properly and to plan meticulously for growth, which is a key reason for the firm’s continued success over the past 15 years.”

As well as advising on the merger and structure of the business, Leanne has supported Core with expert consultancy on a wide range of legal and compliance matters, from shareholder agreements to terms and conditions for clients.

Core chairman Gareth Henderson said one of the things that sets Chadwick Lawrence apart from other law firms is the strength of communication and understanding.

Gareth said: “The thing that really makes the difference with Leanne is the fact that she is relational which has enabled us to develop a strong partnership based on knowledge and trust. This means that I feel confident enough to be able to turn to her for a judgment on a huge range of business issues and she, in turn, knows me well enough to be able to challenge me on things when she needs to.

“Leanne always makes herself available and is very responsive, turning things around quickly. Above all, she really understands our business and how we work.”

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