Waste Firm Throws Out High Energy Costs

Waste and recycling business AWM is set to dispose of £165K a year from its energy bills after introducing new sustainability measures following a strategic partnership with Core Facility Services.

Energy management specialists at Core have analysed AWM’s energy data and identified where annual costs can be reduced and efficiency improved. 

Colette Watts at Core Facility Services said the process involved working closely with suppliers to find a more cost-effective match for AWM’s energy usage.  

“As with many businesses, we found that AWM’s current contract and purchasing strategy was not giving best value for money for its current needs or its projected energy demand for the future,” said Colette.

“As well as wanting to keep costs low, AWM is very conscious of its impact on the environment and we will be introducing measures to improve efficiency and help meet its sustainability targets.” she added.

Tim Shapcott, UK Commercial Director of AWM said: “Sustainability is very high on our agenda and Core has helped us reduce our costs as well as identifying where we can make improvements to energy efficiency across the business.”

“We are already leading the field in sustainable waste resource management and recycling and we will now have more budget to dedicate to further innovation,”he added.

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