Energy Case Study: A & K Ecofilms

Food packaging manufacturer A & K Ecofilms is a leading supplier to the food services industry. Its Bradford manufacturing centre prides itself on high standards of service, quality products and innovation, with its own in-house design team developing the packaging solutions of the future.

A desktop energy audit by Core revealed that A & K Ecofilms was paying twice as much as it needed to on energy through its existing broker and supplier.

Dru Widdowson of Core Facility Services said:

Energy is one of the biggest overheads for manufacturers and it is critical that contracts and usage are regularly reviewed to ensure they match the current needs of the business.

“In this case, A & K Ecofilms had been left on high out of contract rates which was resulting in them paying double which was significantly impacting on their costs and bottom line.

“We were able to challenge this with supplier and move them onto a much better deal and saving them thousands of pounds a year.

Stewart Andrew at A & K Ecofilms said:

Core demonstrated a real understanding of how the energy industry works and quickly identified that we were spending a lot more than we needed to.

We valued their open and honest approach and the straightforward way they explained where we needed to make changes to save money, taking action on our behalf.

The savings we’ve made will make a huge difference to our balance sheet going forward and will enable us to invest even more in innovation and design.

Stewart’s account manager at Core will keep in regular contact with him to make sure contracts are in line with demand and to share market intelligence for informed energy purchasing. Looking further ahead, Core will be able to advise on strategies and technologies that could reduce the plant’s running costs even further. 

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