Energy Case Study: Ravenscliffe High School


Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College in Calderdale is a dedicated special school with over 180 pupils. The entire site is wheelchair accessible and facilities include hoists throughout the site, a hydrotherapy pool, two sensory rooms, a sports hall and dance studio and Calderdale’s only Rebound Therapy Suite, which offers students time out of their wheelchairs in a fun and stimulating environment. 

What we did

During lockdown we have been talking to staff at the school about ways to improve their energy purchasing processes and minimise the amount they spend on gas and electricity. Key to this has been securing the best market prices well ahead of their contract renewal date, which was still almost a year away.

Once we had a clear idea of how the school functions and uses energy, we went out to suppliers with a detailed brief. We then presented the options to the school and explained the differences between them clearly so that they could make an informed decision. One of their options was to choose a green energy contract from a Yorkshire company, which proved to be a good choice both financially and for future sustainability.

During lockdown, the price of oil has plummeted and by securing prices now, the school will be renewing next April at today’s prices and taking full advantage of market conditions. We will continue to proactively monitor energy prices, suppliers and contracts to make sure they are always getting the best possible deal.

How we helped

  • Looked at their contracts well ahead of renewal to plan the best time to buy.
  • Took their requirements to the whole market to find the most appropriate contract for their needs.
  • Explained the differences between contracts clearly so they could make an informed decision.
  • Gave them options that matched their ethos as well as their budget, including using local suppliers and sustainable energy sources.
  • Secured prices during a market low.
  • Proactive purchasing will save the school between 10 and 15% of its energy budget – money that can now  be spent elsewhere.
  • We will now work with Ravenscliffe on an ongoing basis to make sure they are always on the most appropriate contract and buying at the best possible price.

What the client says

“Core looked at the whole supplier market for us to find the most competitive contract for our needs. They also helped us take advantage of current low energy prices by agreeing a deal well ahead of our renewal date.

Working with Core has been a very easy process and the advice has been honest and straightforward throughout, enabling us to make informed decisions and a significant saving on our energy bills.

The reduction in energy overheads will free up much-needed budget, which can be diverted to other projects. We have also been able to switch to green electricity supplied by a Yorkshire company.”

Gareth Hunter, Finance Manager, Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College

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